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Your First Visit

Reception Desk

We look forward to meeting you and personally discussing your specific health challenges.

You can plan on about 30 minutes for the Initial workup. There will be some entry paperwork to complete, then straight back to talk to Dr. Winyard. He will listen to everything you have to say, probably ask you a few questions, then ask you if there is anything else we need to know. After this he will escort you to the exam room where any necessary tests will be performed.

This is the only visit Dr. Winyard may ask you to put on a gown. Xrays may be performed depending on what Dr. Winyard needs. Finally you will be given a mild relief treatment. When this is finished and any home care advice is given, Dr. Winyard will step out so you may get dressed and then come out of the exam room. The CA will be waiting there to escort you to the front desk. There you will be scheduled for the next day to review the exam findings, and you can take care of any fees for service.

Find out what your Second Visit will be like at WinCare Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center.

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